Dr Jay Ifeanyi Ugwu retired from active medical practice at the age of 40. He currently works as a financial intelligence coach and investment consultant based in Abuja, Nigeria.

He is passionate about impacting and enriching lives through the sharing of timeless business, investment, health and lifestyle knowledge. All his teachings have a foundation in the Scriptures.

He provides financial intelligence, business coaching, investment advisory, mentoring, lifestyle re-engineering and mind power training to individuals, groups and corporate clients.

He qualified as a medical doctor from the prestigious University of Nigeria in 2006, has founded and co-founded several businesses and hospitals and is currently the CEO of Mexoom Group Inc; the premium platform for personal development and financial success

He has been able to generate massive incomes consistently and transform several hundreds of lives by mastering the inner game of wealth as a result of a proper understanding and the application of the psychology of money and success.