Join Dr. Jay on this new quest to raise 100 people who can earn 1 million naira in passive income every month within the next 9 months. Introducing Project BAM 2019 (Become-A-Millionaire-in-2019) On this second session of the Investment Masterclass series, Dr. Jay discusses the vision, purpose, goal, strategy, platform and practical actions steps to achieve Project BAM 2019. It is deep, insightful, practical and achievable. To watch the full Masterclass, please click here

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In today's episode of the brand new investment masterclass, learn the foundational principles and dynamics of investment. Topics covered include what is investment, purpose of saving, benefits of investment, stages of wealth creation and misconceptions about savings and investment. You will also learn how you can leverage on MexoomLife to start or diversify you investment journey to financial freedom. Watch/listen to the Investment Masterclass here

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