Online business associates, partners and distributors urgently needed nationwide

Attention Nigerian Entrepreneurs…

New profitable business opportunity revealed….

If you are SERIOUS about generating a 6-7 figure income monthly by DISTRIBUTING innovative and effective health products ONLINE, EFFORTLESSLY on AUTOPILOT by leveraging the internet without ever TALKING to anybody personally…..”

Then please, pay ATTENTION and READ on, because what I’m about to uncover in this NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY will take away…..



-financial insufficiency, shame and loneliness


-ill health….

From your life. 

And usher you into a life of…  


-financial and time freedom

-meaning, fulfillment and happiness

As well as optimal health and great lifestyle.

Please note, this Business opportunity is not for everybody.

It is for only 2 categories of people:

1) Existing entrepreneurs, business owners, civil servants and privately employed individuals who wish to build additional streams of income

2) Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a part time or full time business with low risk and minimal capital requirement.


My name is Dr. Jay Ugwu.

I’m a trained medical doctor, business consultant and Internet Marketing Expert, Coach and Mentor.

I earn 7-8 figures monthly in my various businesses and I recently created the SuperLife Entrepreneurship Academy; where I teach thousands of young entrepreneurs how to generate 6-7 figure incomes monthly by distributing the SuperLife innovative brand of health products using the INTERNET and LEVERAGING a proven SYSTEM which enables them live healthy, wealthy and impactful lives


For me personally, things have not always been this good.

As a matter of fact…

I was frustrated.

I loved my medical practice. I was good at my job, but it was too demanding. I barely had time to live what should be called a normal life.. and the thought of living like this every single day for the next 40 years of my life sent goosebumps down my spine.

On top of that… I was late on my house rent, children’s school fees and barely managed to maintain my car and that of my wife. The quality of my life was nowhere compared to the dreams I had in head before becoming a doctor.

Everybody including me thought that once you become a doctor, you were a “big man”

On the outside I appeared successful. But deep within me I knew I could be more.

I was restless. I was unhappy. I needed a breakthrough.

And things went from bad to WORSE…

AND SUDDENLY EVERYTHING CHANGED! I stumbled upon the concepts I’ am about to teach you sometime in 2015 and upon several trials and errors and research I met my coach and mentor, towards the end of 2016.

What he taught me SHOCKED Me

​I suddenly discovered a completely new world of simplicity and ease, contrary to what I have been taught and practiced

By implementing and adapting what he taught me, I hit over 10 million naira in revenue in a month within the next 3 months. Way more than my cumulative income in medical practice at that point.

And I did it almost effortlessly. Just a few hours on my laptop per day.

That was the turning point!

Since then I have been averaging multiple 7 figure income per month.

Like pregnancy, success cannot be hidden. People started asking me how I did it.

And I showed them. Lo and behold, it worked for as many as followed the instructions.

It was repeatable. It was reproducible. I began teaching 1, 2, 3 people. Then groups. And each time it worked. It always works as long as you put it to practice.

That’s how I was able to study widely further, refine and distill the principles and subsequently go into partnership with the SuperLife Company and subsequently created……


SuperLife Academy is an ONLINE personal development, entrepreneurship and business development academy that provides serious minded people with knowledge, skills, strategies, a platform and support system to achieve optimal health, create wealth, impact others and live a great lifestyle by leveraging the internet.

Before, I go on, let me tell you about the SUPERLIFE Company and its products

SuperLife is a healthcare company with HQ in Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia founded in 2017 by Lai Tek Kean

SuperLife produces natural based PLANT STEM CELL products which are scientifically proven to help cure and prevent so many diseases, we face as we age.

STEM CELLS are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide (through mitosis) to produce more healthy stem cells. They are mother cells that have the potential to become any type of cell in the body.

One of the main characteristics of stem cells is their ability to self renew or multiply while maintaining the potential to develop into other types of cells. Stem cells can become cells of the heart, kidney, liver, bones, skin, brain, muscle etc.

They have the ability to become any kind of cell in the body. They can keep renewing themselves. These basic building blocks of life are fast becoming the ultimate repair kit of the future.

Stem cells serve as a sort of internal repair system, dividing essentially without limit to replenish other cells as long as the person or animal is still alive.

When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential either to remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function e. g red blood cells, brain cells, muscle cells, etc.

Stem cells can manage and treat over 200 diseases

The market potential of stem cells within the next 10 years is estimated to reach US $50 Billion. Many millionaires will emerge through marketing products and services related to STEM CELLS.

Anyone can be a distributor to get at the cost price and also make money from the system by sharing the information with people. It’s a global opportunity & an opportunity for all!

And NOW, introducing the revolutionary first ever oral plant based stemcell-STC30

100% clinically proven safe and effective.

You can see the result within a matter of days.

The SuperLife flagship product is STC30.

STC30 is the origin of stem cell in treatment & prevention of diseases.


Superlife STC30 is the secret to youth, health and longevity. Take one Superlife STC30 pack and you’d go 10 years younger and fresher than you are right now.

STC 30 in simple terms helps to build new cells replacing the old or dead cells in the body.

Superlife STC30 is made wholly of ingredients extracted from plant cells with the capacity to rejuvenate the cells in the human body.

The major Superlife STC30 ingredients are:

  • Blackcurrant Juice Powder
  • Bilberry Extract
  • Glisodin (Cantaloupe Extract)
  • PhytoCellTec Solar Vitis (Vitis Vinifera)
  • PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica (Uttwiler Spatlauber)

The Superlife STC30 is a supplement made from extracts from plant cells.

Please, note, there are no human stem cells in it.

The “PhytocellTec” is an extract of plants origin that stimulates the human body to naturally produce its own stem cells. The stem cells then diffretiate and replace dead or damaged cells, tissues and organs.

It also contains antioxidants that helps boost the immune system. It can also suppress the immune system and reduce inflammation!

STC30 therefore works in a varierty of ways depending on the individual and the ailment invloved to naturally fight diseases, restore and promote health.

It activates the body system to effectively fight any disease or condition on its own.

How to take STC30

Open the sachet and pour the powder under the tongue(sublingual) and allow to dissolve.

Take preferably on an empty stomach

Do this 1-2X daily depending on the condition and severity of the disease.

Drink plenty of water to ensure adequate hydration.

Because, the ingredients are natural, there are usually no side effects.

Results begin to show within 2 weeks. But you may wish to continue as necessary.

After all, this is a food supplement .

STC30 has conquered the most dangerous diseases and medical conditions:

📌Cancers of all types 📌Kidney failures 📌Arthritis 📌Parkinson disease 📌Stroke 📌Goitre & Thyroid problems 📌Fibroids 📌Ageing 📌Diabetes 📌Burns 📌Blood pressure & High Cholesterol 📌Impotence 📌Brain damage 📌Gastrititis 📌Migraine 📌Sinus / Asthma / Pneumonia / TB 📌Infertility 📌Psoriasis / Dermatitis & Eczema 📌Improves Eye sight / Vision

📌📌And many more diseases that have seemed to not have been curable and not manageable.

Say no to Operations 🚫 Say no to Amputations ⛔ Say no to Chemotherapy 🙈 Say no to Kidney dialysis 🙅‍♀ Say no to Insulin Injection 👎🏻

*STC30 StemCell Therapy* 📌Restores 📌Rejuvenates 📌Replaces & 📌Replicates human body normal cells and increases the number of circulating Adult Stem cells in our body.

Testimonies to the efficacy of these products abound:


“My husband and I were trying for the arrival of a second baby in to the family for 7years counting. A Gynecologist made STC30 prescription for the two of us and in just a month, my report got different. I tested Positive. Its 2months gone and baby kicking so well. I celebrate my God and my gynecologist for bringing STC30 my way”.



This is what we call medically “diabetic foot disease” that healed in less than 2 months on STC30



Watch the following videos for more testimonies:


And here is another testimonial from a medical doctor!


Why pay more for sickness when you can pay less to be well?

Let me offer you 3 ways you can benefit from SuperLife STC30


You can buy STC30 for personal use or for family and friends either to promote health or manage any of the diseases and ailments listed above. It is very effective.

Remember this is a health supplement which you can take as food to avoid taking medicine as food in the future.

RETAIL PRICE: N30,000/ pack. Each pack contains 15 sachets.

Free delivery nationwide.

Pay to Mexoom Consulting and Multiservices Ltd, Fidelity bank, Account Number: 5600370844


After successful payment, kindly send your name, amount paid, proof of payment, phone number, email address and contact address for delivery to or 08086106882.

You will get your package within 48 hours anywhere in Nigeria.

If you are buying elsewhere, please make sure you buy the original products, this is Naija, fakes abound


Are you already thinking of introducing Superlife to your family, friends and relatives who may need it?

Then you can earn from doing that.

One reason I advice you should join Superlife is because you can use the same money for purchasing products to register as a new member and qualify to earn mouth watering discounts, bonuses and commissions.

In other words, SuperLife membership is free.

Once you purchase the minimum required number of Superlife Stc 30 packs, you do not have to pay an extra fee to join as a member.

You even get to buy the supplement at a discount price.

Here are the 3 ways to join SuperLife

This is where the money is.

Since the drug is very effective but still not commonly available in Nigeria, this is the opportunity to become a business partner, associate or distributor and start making millions of naira.

These are proven quality and innovative products that ensure continuous business through the results and testimonies of its efficacy.

Stem cell products are very highly sort after all over the world, and with SUPERLIFE you stand a chance to benefit immensely from the TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.

There is also a dynamic management team with a wealth of experience and creativity both in wellness, business management and technological advancements.

Superlife has a very lucrative marketing plan to ensure adequate and super compensation for all partners in order to enable you achieve your dreams and live a SUPERLIFE.

You will be sent detailed business presentation, marketing and compensation plan after registration.

Further training and support are also available.

So, choose your preferred starting point-Star, Supreme or Super and make payments accordingly. Please add N3,000 only to the registration amount to cover for shipping and handling charges.

Pay to Mexoom Consulting and Multiservices Ltd, Fidelity bank, Account Number: 5600370844


After successful payment, kindly send your name, amount paid, proof of payment, phone number, email address and contact address for delivery to or 08086106882.

You will get your package within 48  hours anywhere in Nigeria

3. Join the SuperLife Entrepreneurship Academy

Using the SuperLife Entrepreneurship Academy strategy, our members are earning well over 1 million naira monthly to be conservative

The SuperLife Academy which I created just a couple of months ago is using the network marketing model, which is proven method that is endorsed by many international millionaires riding on the platform of SuperLife health products but leveraging on the internet in a unique and innovative way to create new millionaires.

Hear out some of  our students:


 Derbbie Bello-Lokoja (N1,200,000) in 2 months)

I was a newbie and had never done networking marketing before. And from what I had heard, I never wanted to do networking marketing until a friend told me about Dr. Jay’s approach using the internet.

I reluctantly enrolled for the Academy. Alas, within 2 months of learning and applying the strategies, I made over a million naira. Thank you Dr. Jay for revolutionizing my mindset and my life.



Mr. alex C. Adams-Abuja (From Frustrated and about to quit to consistent 7 figures!)

I was frustrated and about to give up on network marketing when I stumbled upon SuperLife academy while surfing the net for solutions to my predicament. As I read through the MYTHS, it was as if Dr. Jay was speaking to me personally. I immediately understood what I was doing wrong in my business.

And without wasting time I got signed up for the Academy and within a few days of implementing the strategies, I started seeing results. Now I earn 7 figures regularly



Mrs Joy Oke-Lagos (Over a hundred new downlines and 2 rank promotions in 1 month)

SuperLife Entrepreueship Academy is transformational to say the least. Dr. Jay is God sent. He rescued me. Using what I learnt, I’m now a Network Marketing Consultant teaching other networkers while I continue to advance in rank and earning in my own company.



The earlier you sign up for the Academy, the SOONER your results will show.

You’ll have the opportunity to instantly JOIN and access this powerful programme immediately.

But first, let’s take a quick sneak preview at what you’ll get inside the SuperLife Entrepreneurship Academy

  • How to earn 6-7 figure income monthly by leveraging the Superlife business, Marketing and Compensation systems
  • How to achieve optimal health, create wealth, impact others and live a great lifestyle
  • How to use vision and goal setting to achieve anything you desire in life
  • How to leverage the internet to create a steady stream of clients/customers for your business effortlessly and on autopilot

Other things you will learn in the Academy include:

  • The secret to selling ANYTHING.Once you get this concept you’ll be able to successfully market ANY kind of a product or business opportunity.
  • How you can transform your business overnight and quickly create a massive downline WITHOUT even promoting your business opportunity. This ONE TIP has been responsible for launching a new wave of network marketing millionaires.
  • The absolute BEST WAY to generate leads and get paid in the process EVEN IF they never join your business
  • How to create a perfect “Doorway” into your business and generate an endless stream of high-quality leads.
  • How to get thousands of people to TRUST you,hang on to your every word and join ANY business or buy ANY product with a single email.
  • How to add NEW streams of income to your existing Network Marketing business. You can do this as quickly as one hour and immediately turn it into ongoing residual profits.
  • How to NEVER AGAIN explain to ANYONE the difference between a “pyramid scheme” and your network maketing business opportunity – and Get Qualified & Interested Leads Only!
  • ​Get the most important tips for about email marketing and list building automation.
  • A simple laundry trick you can use to consistently get more people and pump new blood into your business every single day.
  • Should you lead with your product or business opportunity for MAXIMUM success? The right answer may surprise you.
  • How to start on a low budget and actually turn prospects who never join your business or buy your product into hundreds of THOUSANDS of naira in profits.
  • How to use email to AUTOMATICALLY grow your prospect list, build relationships and fatten your bank account. 

These and many more are what you will get inside The Academy and as you put the system to work for you, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Your Training Package for S. E. A includes the following:

  • Superlife business starter pack, which qualifies you for a free star status registration in the SuperLife Business Plan
  • ID card as SuperLife Health, Wealth and Lifestyle Consultant
  • Training Certificate
  • Branded souvenirs
  • 1yr free business mentorship.
  • Associate membership of the SuperLife Entrepreneurship Academy and also become business partners/distributors of the SuperLife range of health products. You could also grow to become Faculty member, teacher, trainer and fellow of the academy.

For a limited time and for a very limited number of people you can get into The SuperlIfe Entrepreneurship Academy for just N70,000

Yes only 70,000

That will cover

-Academy admission and membership

-Your registration on SuperLife Network at The Star level

-Physical delivery of all your Academy materials-STC30 x2, Id card, branded sourvenirs

-1 yr mentorship

All these for N70,000

Not 500K, not 250K, not even up to 100K

Under 100K to become a business partner, associate and distributor for a world class health company plus Academy membership with all the benefits

You can’t get that ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD

My regular mentorship is 250,000 for 3 months. And I have lots of students on that programme.

So why is this so affordable?

Because of the partnership with SuperLife and I also want to help as many more people as are willing and serious enough to take proactive steps to better their lives and that of those around them.





So why pay more later, when you can pay less Now and start getting results immediately

OFFER VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST and spaces are available!



If you get in and you don’t like it or within 30 days you find out that it is not useful to you, then you may request for a FULL refund.

So now, there is nothing holding you back! If you try and it doesn’t work or you don’t like it, you get your money back


I can’t wait to nurture you to  your success.


Pay  N70,000 to Mexoom Consulting and Multiservices Ltd, Fidelity bank, Account Number: 5600370844


After successful payment, kindly send your name, amount paid, proof of payment, phone number, email address and contact address for delivery to or 08086106882.

You will get your package within 48  hours anywhere in Nigeria and your training commences immediately.

The training is fully online, so distance is not a barrier.

Lets build wealth together, impact lives and share happiness

To your wealth, health and lifestyle


Dr. Jay Ugwu

P.S. – If you still have some unaddressed CONCERNS, I have got you covered in the FAQ section below

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will this work for me?

Ans: YES! the products absolutely work.

For the business and the money. Capital YES.

Throughout my almost 1 decade in network marketing, I have always found people that were willing to do the work. The problem is, they went about it with the wrong strategy. That’s what we correct in the Academy. So yes, it will work for you as long as you are willing to follow the steps irrespective of you current standing: newbie, intermediate or veteran. No special skills are required except the DESIRE to succeed.

Q Do I need to be a doctor or health professional?

Ans: No. We will teach you all you need to know.

Q. I can’t recruit people?

Ans: We will show you how to use the internet and automate the process

Q. I do not know how to sell things?

Ans: In the Academy, we don’t sell personally. The system handles all that.

Q What if I’ve been around for a while? Will I learn anything new?

Ans: YES! If you’ve had success using old-school methods, then you can only do better using the principles we teach in The Academy to expand your reach.

Q Is this course worth it?

Ans; Sure. It is worth at least 10X over and above what you pay for it.

* It gives you exactly what you need to build your online lead generating Money Making machine.

* It is affordable for any serious entrepreneur looking to grow or start his/her business online.

70K faaa!

* It provides you with everything you need in one place.

And you even get a refund if you don’t like it!

You can’t get this OFFER anywhere else in the world Except if you are not SERIOUS about transforming your life and that of those around you.

But I know you are SERIOUS about this, otherwise you won’t be here

So, without any further ADO, Let’s do it NOW, while the offer still is still open!

Here are the payment details again to enroll in the SuperLife Entrepreneurship Academy and begin to enjoy all the awesome benefits:

Pay  N70,000 to Mexoom Consulting and Multiservices Ltd, Fidelity bank, Account Number: 5600370844


After successful payment, kindly send your name, amount paid, proof of payment, phone number, email address and contact address for delivery to or 08086106882.

You will get your package within 48 hours anywhere in Nigeria

© Copyright by Dr. Jay Ugwu. All Rights Reserved.

If you still have any questions or comments, please, use the comment section below or send an email to or call/sms 08086106882

….Greatness and financial freedom beckon!

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    • No it doesnot. But you can use it to support the current medications and I can guarantee you that in no distant time you will notice significant improvements in the vision.
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