Millionaire Mind Intensive-PDF only

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“..As he thinks in his heart; so is he..” (Prov23:7)

This book is a 30-day practical guide to wealth, success, abundance, happiness and fulfillment derived from the wisdom of distilled revelational, theoretical and experiential knowledges.

You can create every tangible thing that you desire from the intangible things within and around you simply by re-engineering your thoughts.

There is more gold to be mined in the minds of men than in mine-fields of the earth.

Your mind however, is your greatest obstacle to wealth and success; if you master your mind, you master your life. Life then no longer happens to you, life happens from you.

This book will give you knowledge, understanding, wisdom, wealth and happiness. It will put you back in the driving seat of your life. It will empower you to drive your life to any destination you chose, in any vehicle of your choice and with co-travellers of your own selection.

God has given you the power to make wealth (Deut 8:18), and that is why He is pleased with your prosperity (Ps 35:27)

Find out how to unleash that power in this book. The world awaits your manifestation.

When you succeed everybody wins!


5,000.00 3,500.00

About The Author

Dr. Jay Ugwu

Dr. Jay Ugwu

Dr. Jay is an author, inspirational speaker, mind power trainer, investment guru and millionaire maker


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