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Attention Nigerian Network Marketers…

“If you are SERIOUS about transforming your network marketing business and generating a 6-7 figure income monthly by ATTRACTING a steady stream of high quality Downlines EFFORTLESSLY on AUTOPILOT without ever TALKING to anybody personally…..”

Then pay ATTENTION and READ on, because you are about to…..

Discover 7 Myths You’ve Been Told About Network Marketing That Are totally FALSE and are Keeping You Stuck, Struggling and barely Surviving when you are supposed to be THRIVING and SUCCEEDING… PLUS How To Break Out Of This Mode And Create A Never Ending Stream Of Red-Hot Prospects, cash/ATM card in hand Ready to JOIN or even pay you BEFORE or without JOINING Your Business.

Dear friend,

If you want to PERMANENTLY END REJECTION and STRUGGLE… and discover a simple system to attracting an endless stream of qualified prospects… PLUS get paid whether they join your business or NOT… then I urge you to set everything else aside and study every word on this page as if your life depends on it.

Because the truth is…

The success of your network marketing business does.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal to you 7 BIGGEST MYTHS in the industry. Myths that are keeping you stuck, struggling, and still earning a minimum wage (30K) in a business YOU KNOW can pay you a fortune.



My name is Dr. Jay Ugwu.

I’m a trained medical doctor, business consultant and Internet/Network Marketing Coach and Mentor.

I earn 7-8 figures monthly in my various businesses and I recently created the SuperLife Academy; where I teach hundreds of young entrepreneurs how to generate 6-7 figure incomes in multilevel marketing using the INTERNET  by LEVERAGING a proven SYSTEM which enables them live healthy, wealthy and impactful lives



However, things weren’t always this bright.

As a matter of fact…

I Once QUIT Network Marketing

My network marketing career started in 2010 when a friend introduced and got me registered in Forever Living Products.

I did everything I was told, such as..

  • Do a brand/product switch-be a product of the product
  • ​Make a list of the 100 people I knew
  • Invite them to see “The Plan”
  • Do home meetings
  • Try to recruit everyone I met
  • And getting rejected over and over again; I became frustrated and depressed…
  • Gave out free products-products which I paid for from the company
  • Registered some friends for free, just to encourage them

By doing ALL THAT…

Within 1 month I rose to the rank of Supervisor in FLP; after hard-selling and recruiting all my family members and friends, some even by “force”. I paid for more than half of them, just to motivate them and also help me achieve the rank.

By the time I achieved the rank of Supervisor, all my close associates were avoiding me like a plague because they didn’t want me to bother them with “this Forever talk”

I was lonely, frustrated and broke. To make matters worse, I was yet to earn back all the money I had spent on registrations.

I managed to hang in there for another 1 year, before I finally quit; still at that same rank I achieved more than 1 year earlier.

I was unable to get any other person to enroll after I had burnt out all my friends and family.

My house and office were littered with products that I couldn’t use. I even gave them out free of charge and most people still declined; probably because they were scared I would ask them to register afterwards.

As a doctor, I also tried to either sell the products to patients or recruit them into the business but it never worked.

In-fact, I was threatened by my HOD thus: “this your networking thing is affecting your work and we will not hesitate to fire you if we found you again trying to sell these supplements to patients or corner them to join you”

Well I actually resigned from that hospital to set up my own hospital, though by then I had already quit “FLP”

Since, I was then on my own, I was free to explore; especially because I believed in the idea and business model of Network Marketing.

It is as a kind of business that has the potential to lift majority of the masses out of poverty.

It’s just that it was not working but I was determined to find a way to make it work.

Over the next 4-5 years I was involved with several network marketing companies with varying degrees of success.

But none was truly fulfilling.

And it was not about the Companies, products or compensation plans.

It was about the marketing strategy I was using.

Today I still see several people using those same strategies that lead to alienation from friends and family, purchase of needless products, frustration, lack, and excessive hard-work in the hope of being successful.

In FLP I remained at the same rank of SUPERVISOR for over a year

I had completely tapped out my warm market, had a small dwindling team of unmotivated downlines who couldn’t recruit ANYBODY
Now, in spite of the fact that I was a medical doctor and had what most people would consider a “good job and/or life”…

Things Were Far Worse Inside
Than They Seemed On The Outside…

​I loved my job, but it was too demanding. I barely had time to live what should be called a normal life.. and the thought of living like this every single day for the next 40 years of my life sent goosebumps down my spine.

On top of that…

I was late on my house rent, children’s school fees and barely managed to maintain my car and that of my wife.

The quality of my life was nowhere compared to the dreams I had in head of before becoming a doctor. Everybody including me thought that once you become a doctor, you were a “big man”

On the outside I appeared successful. But deep within me I knew I could be more.

I was restless. I was unhappy. I needed a breakthrough.

And things went from bad to WORSE…

In my network marketing business, I was spending from my meager salary to organize seminars that people either did not show up or foot dragged so much to sign up.

The sign ups were not enough for me to break even in any of the businesses

I tried selling the products


I couldn’t  find willing buyers for the products.

The annoying thing is that I know that Nigerians are BIG SHOPPERS. We love to buy things…

But ask them buy that toothpaste, detergent, cosmetics, toiletries, pad, vitamims and health supplements from your network marketing company through you: they start avoiding you until you fail, MISERABLY.

Am I loud enough?

Should I increase the volume?

You know what I’m talking about? DON’T YOU?

In the end, all I really wanted from my network business was…

To get enough downlines to earn 6-7 figures

  • To get enough downlines to enable me qualify for the leadership ranks, car/house awards, vacations and other incentives
  • To automate the recruitment process so I can Have More Time for friends and family
  • To pay off all of my debts
  • To Fire my Boss!
  • And finally transition fully into entrepreneurship and live my life on my own terms

​But at this point I was feeling hopeless and totally discouraged. I didn’t even have it in me to pick up the phone and call another prospect.

I simply could NOT stomach any more rejection. As a matter of fact all this was starting to take a serious toll on my health and family.

I was depressed. Angry.

Didn’t sleep well at night. My energy was completely drained before lunch time. And

I just turned 32 years then, recently got married and we were expecting our 1st child


I stumbled upon the concepts I’ am about to teach you sometime in 2015 and upon several trials and errors and research I met my coach and mentor, towards the end of 2016.

What he taught me SHOCKED Me

​I suddenly discovered a completely new world of simplicity and ease, contrary to what I have been taught and practiced

Almost everything I was told by my upline about building a successful network marketing business was…


By implementing and adapting what he taught me, I hit over 10 million naira in revenue in a month within the next 3 months.

That was the turning point!

Since then I have been averaging multiple 7 figure income per month.

Like pregnancy, success cannot be hidden. People started asking me how I did it.

And I showed them.

Lo and behold, it worked for as many as followed the instructions. It was repeatable. It was reproducible.

I began teaching 1, 2, 3 people. Then groups.

And each time it worked. It always works as long as you put it to practice.

And the big break came.

A Network Marketing Company hired me to teach its distributors the same strategies I’ am about to share with you in this Guide during their marketing conference in 2017.

They paid me 5 hundred thousand naira to speak for 2 hours. I couldn’t believe it.

And then other Companies followed. The flood gates were opened!

Now it’s not just Network Marketing Companies but other regular Companies hire me to train their staff and marketers on the exact principles and strategies you will learn Resonance Marketing Blueprint.

More importantly, I don’t just teach.

This is also what I use to grow my own personal Companies and businesses making consistently multiple 7 and sometimes 8 figures monthly (in naira of course…lol).

Finally, this doesn’t not just apply to network marketing.

It applies to marketing generally. You can sell any product or service with what you will learn in this RMB.


I just chose to focus on network marketing in this in RMB because it’s my primary constituency

By December 2018, I retired from active medical practice at the “ripe old age” of 40; to face business consulting, training, coaching and mentoring other young and upcoming entrepreneurs and network marketers.

That’s how I was able to study widely further, refine and distill the principles and subsequently develop the Resonance Marketing Blueprint

Each time I present these concepts people are blown away.

Once I unleash the knowledge into your hands, as I will do shortly in the RMB, I will sit back, relax and watch you evolve and succeed as a   business owner, going on to earn six figure, multi-six figure and even 7- figure incomes using the internet.

Over the past couple of years, I have worked with hundreds of people with a wide variety of skill sets and strengths.

I have even taught my best secrets to millionaire entrepreneurs and network marketers who didn’t know the first thing about making a website.

So don’t let your lack of technical expertise keep you from implementing what you are about to discover.

Let me warn you upfront: this course is so powerful that your head is probably going to hurt after you read through the entire material.

You will have so many vivid dreams, clear visions and innovative ideas you will struggle to cope.

Some of them will just jump right out of the book and pop into you face.

And you will be like, “Why didn’t I think about this all these while. In-fact, I did something like this before, just that I didn’t know”

At other times your question will be, “Dr. Jay, where have you been. Why didn’t I meet you before now?”

But for most times, you will be happy, knowing that your prayers have been answered. Your quest/search is over with this encounter.

Greatness beckons. Financial freedom is on the way. You will finally be able to build lasting wealth, create impact and share happiness.


DO NOT Read Any Further Unless You’re Ready To Hear The Truth and Take Serious Steps to Transform your Network Marketing Business

I warn you because what I am about to share with you will seem counterintuitive and go against what you have known and practiced in Network Marketing

But the TRUTH is, these are what have been holding you back!

Big Myth Number 1:
Don’t Tell (Secret Cult)

My upline told me during our 1st strategy session after joining the business, “Don’t tell your prospects that it is network marketing. Don’t ever mention the name of the company. Just find a way to bring them to the presentation. Don’t convince them, we will do the convincing. We have a system to do that. Just make a list of 100 people you know and send them the invite and make sure they come”

Unfortunately, the last time I checked, they did a very poor job at convincing anybody. The whole thing looked like a CON game. I was even accused of being dishonest with the information I gave them. That if they knew, they wouldn’t have come.

So how do you maintain your HONESTY and OPENESS without scaring your prospects away?

The answer is contained in Chapter 4 of Resonance Marketing Blueprint

Big Myth Number 2:
This Is A Numbers Game

“Don’t worry about people saying “NO”. Keep knocking until the door opens. Everybody is a prospect. The more people you talk to, the more people you’re going to recruit. This is a numbers game.”

Ever heard this one before?

I bet you have, and it probably kept you from losing your mind when most, if not ALL your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers said NO to your business.

This is exactly what happened to me in my early days in network marketing.

You’ll discover exactly how to overcome this myth and get every prospect to say Yes to you in The Resonance Marketing Blueprint.

Big Myth Number 3:
Sell, sell and sell more

The first networking marketing company I joined was a health products based company. The only reason my upline prospected me in the first instance was because I was a doctor. So, I would make a very good downline by selling the products.  And the only reason I joined was because I felt I could make enough money by retailing the products in the hospital.

You already know I was roundly mistaken and paid dearly in terms of wasted time, efforts and resources for believing in the myth.

Truth is; you can never sell your way to riches in network marketing.

In The Resonance Marketing Blueprint you will learn exactly what activities you need to centrate on and how to go about it to roll in the 6-7 figure income monthly and qualify for thoise leadership ranks you hve always dreamt of

Big Myth Number 4:
You Are Just One Recruit Away From An Explosion

I think some Network Marketing Leaders say that just to give you a false sense of hope that your winning lottery ticket is just one downline away. Theoretically it’s true. However I’ve personally sponsored HUNDREDS of people into 4-5 network marketing companies but never got any of the businesses to profitability.

If you follow what I share in this guide you will find out that ANYBODY who joins your business is a leader and influencer in his/her own right.

Your recruits are quality team members looking up to you for leadership.

Not family members and friends joining you out of pity or just to get you off their backs.

With RMB every recruit leads to an explosion!

Big Myth Number 5:
Want more myths debunked and shown the strategy to over turn them?

Resonance Marketing Blueprint has all the answers and strategies.

Im sure you can’t wait to have your hands on it.

So here it is

There’s absolutely NO NEED to STRUGGLE where someone else who is ready to show you the way is SUCCEEDING with an AUTOMATED SYSTEM that does all the work

A system that will AUTOMATICALLY…

  • Generates qualified leads & quality prospects for you without having to pick up the phone to cold call or deal with rejection ever again.
  • Get highly motivated prospects with a few clicks, real people who actually WANT to see what you’ve got! And are willing to apply and pay to work with you
  • Recruit people and make sales without even talking to them, until they sign up or submit an application first!

​And what you’re about to discover is how you can…

Short-circuit The Process…

Save yourself weeks, months, and possibly even years of frustration, and NO RESULTS… and build a successful Network Marketing business and create an instant income in NO TIME FLAT.

The Resonance Marketing Blueprint

​A concept which can permanently put an end to all your financial problems, and open the door to a massive amount of money and success.

  • ​No more cold calls or buying of phone numbers and emails
  • No more passing out of flyers or talking to strangers trying to get them “interested” in your business.
  • And no more hassling your friends and family about joining your opportunity.

​With RMB, you can start…

  • ​generating 100’s of quality leads online, all with a click of a button.
  • recruiting leaders into your business without picking up the phone, or trying to sell anyone on anything.
  • Make over N1,000,000 in passive commissions using strictly the internet to attract people.
  • Become a network Marketing Consultant and Trainer that other netwokers seek for further knowledge and siolutions

Even if you are a Struggling Network Marketer, you can go from Zero to over a million naira monthly in less than 3 months

​Because for the first time in your network marketing career, you know EXACTLY what to do, and backed by the CONFIDENCE to take action, knowing the results will be huge.

And of course, did I mention, you will do it with ZERO REJECTION?

You will become a mentor to others and may go on to create your own brand and success stories

As a matter of fact, when you do this…

People Will PAY YOU
To See Your Business Opportunity

How’s that for a change?

No more rejection, frustration, or embarrassment.

You only get to deal with HIGH QUALITY people, who aren’t going to haggle you or throw some stupid “is this a pyramid” objection.

And the best part is the entire prospecting & qualifying process can be almost 100% automated.

Very soon you will get your hands on this hands on this step-by-step system.
Because I know you are serious about transforming your network marketing business.

And for reading down to this point, I will give you huge discounts.

But 1st let’s see What People are Saying About Resonance Marketing Blueprint



Derbbie Bello-Lokoja (N2,000,000) in 2 months)

Within 2 months of learning and applying the strategies in RMB, I made N2,000,000 in my network marketing based business.

Thank you Dr. Jay for revolutionizing my business. Now, Iam no longer desperatle for people to join my business because even if they don’t, I still make money




Mr. alex C. Adams-Abuja (From Frustrated and about to quit to consistent 7 figures!)

I was frustrated and about to give up on network marketing when I stumbled upon Resonance Marketing Blueprint while surfing the net.

As I read through the MYTHS, it was as if Dr. Jay was speaking to me personally. I immediately understood what I was doing wrong in my business. And without wasting time I got the RMB and with a few days of implementing the strategies, I started seeing results.

Now I earn 7 figures regularly



Mrs Joy Oke-Lagos (Over a hundred new downlines and 2 rank promotions in 1 month)

Resonance Marketing Blueprint is transformational to say the least.

Dr. Jay is God sent. He rescued me. Using what I learnt in RMB, I’m now a Network Marketing Consultant teaching other networkers while I continue to advance in rank and earning in my own company.





The earlier you GET your own RMB, the SOONER your results will show

You’ll have the opportunity to instantly download and access this powerful information immediately.

But first, let’s take a quick sneak preview at what you’ll get inside the Resonance Marketing Blueprint

  • The secret to selling ANYTHING.Once you get this concept you’ll be able to successfully market ANY kind of a product or business opportunity. (Page 33)
  • How you can transform your business overnight and quickly create a massive downline WITHOUT even promoting your business opportunity. This ONE TIP has been responsible for launching a new wave of network marketing millionaires.
  • The absolute BEST WAY to generate leads and get paid in the process EVEN IF they never join your business (Page 67)
  • How to create a perfect “Doorway” into your business and generate an endless stream of high-quality leads. (Page 100)
  • How to get thousands of people to TRUST you,hang on to your every word and join ANY business or buy ANY product with a single email. (Page 116)
  • How to add NEW streams of income to your existing Network Marketing business.You can do this as quickly as one hour and immediately turn it into ongoing residual profits.  (Page 70)
  • Got an idea for a product you want to sell online? 90% of these ideas FAIL miserably… but here’s a simple 5-step process to make sure you hit the bull’s eye every single time. (Page 87)
  • How to NEVER AGAIN explain to ANYONE the difference between a “pyramid scheme” and your network maketing business opportunity – and Get Qualified & Interested Leads Only!
  • ​Get the most important tips for about email marketing and list building automation.(Page 62)
  • A simple laundry trick you can use to consistently get more people and pump new blood into your business every single day. (Page 62)
  • Should you lead with your product or business opportunity for MAXIMUM success?The right answer may surprise you. (Page 59)
  • How to start on a low budget and actually turn prospects who never join your business or buy your product into hundreds of THOUSANDS of naira in profits. (Page 75)
  • ​A little 4 letter word that’ll make every one of your ads jump out, grab your prospect’s attention, and elicit a strong emotional response. This is the SECRET to attracting the “right person” and getting them to chase YOU. (Page 33)
  • How to pick the right domain name for your Magic Money Making Machine. Most people do it WRONG. (Page 97)
  • The single biggest secret Multi-Million (and BILLION) Dollar companies use to rake in insane amounts of money… and how YOU can use the exact same secret to virtually EXPLODE your income in no time flat(Page 59)
  • ​How to use email to AUTOMATICALLY grow your prospect list, build relationships and fatten your bank account. (Page 110)



These and many more are what you will get inside The Resonance Marketing Blueprint and as you put the system to work for you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

PLUS… if you ORDER NOW, you also get a massive discount!

The Original cost of the Resonance Marketing Blueprint is N50,000

But because you have read to this point, I will give you a huge discount.

And because I don’t want money to be an obstacle to you transforming your network marketing business,


At just N10,000 only

Ordinary 10K; lunch money, chicken change is all you need to transform your business!

You can’t get that ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD




So why pay more later, when you can pay less Now and start getting results immediately

135 pages of SOLID, PRACTICAL STEPS, TESTED AND PROVEN CONTENT ON HOW TO attract endless streams of qualified downlines, cash in hand ready to pay with or without joining network marketing business

No longer 50K, Now 10K only




If you finish studying RMB and within 30 days you find out that it was not useful to you, then you may  request for FULL refund.

Dr. Jay

So now, there is nothing holding you back!

If you try and it doesn’t work or you don’t like it, you get your money back

Please, Go ahead NOW and order by clicking the link below:


I can’t wait to hear about your success.

To your wealth, health and lifestyle


Dr. Jay Ugwu

P.S. – If you still have some unaddressed CONCERNS, I have got you covered in the FAQ section below

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will this work for me?

YES! Throughout my almost 1 decade in network marketing, I have always found people that were willing to do the work. The problem is, they went about it with the wrong strategy. That’s what RMB corrects.

So yes, it will work for you as long as you are willing to follow the steps irrespective of you current standing: newbie, intermediate or veteran.

No special skills are required except the Desire to succeed.

Q What if I’ve been around for a while? Will I learn anything new?

YES! If you’ve had success using old-school methods, then you can only do better using the principles RMB to expand your reach.

Q Is this course worth it?

Sure. It is worth at least 10X over and above what you pay for it.

* It gives you exactly what you need to build your online lead generating Money Making machine.

* It is affordable for any serious networker looking to grow his/her business online.

10K faaa!

* It provides you with everything you need in one place.

You can’t get this OFFER anywhere else in the world

Except if you are not SERIOUS about transforming your network marketing business.

So why then did you waste you time to read down to this point.

Because that’s was my opening QUESTION.

And I also gave a warning mid-way.

But I know you are SERIOUS about this, otherwise you won’t be here

So, without any further ADO, Let’s do it NOW, while the offer still lasts!


© Copyright by Dr. Jay Ugwu. All Rights Reserved.

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    Is this book worth training me on how to get it fully right in my Network Marketing Business?
    What are the tools needed apart from RMB?

    • My dear, everything is easy if you learn how.
      Yes, the book is worth training you to be successful in network marketing.
      Remember, there is a money back guarantee. So if you buy the book and apply the principles, and they dont work, you can easily ask for a refund.
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